On est arrivé

​It's all about feeling at home. Our restaurant, perfectly situated in the urban heart of Sint-Truiden, creates harmony between peace & quiet and the liveliness of a town; a perfect combination creating a refined environment that exudes both homeliness and a holiday feeling.

​Authenticity and character. That is who and where we are. Welcome! We know you will be charmed, both indoors and out. You will be entranced by the delightful setting and enjoy culinary magic in style and comfort. Just as if you were at home. Vous êtes arrivés.

Where the birds still sing

​Discover a place where gardens conjure up memories of yesteryear and your plate blooms with colour. Our flavours are not far removed from their source.

​You’ll find no concrete here, just trees and grey-winged trumpeters. They symbolise the disappearance of urban birds and represent everything that is green and sustainable. Here, everything tastes like this bird’s song, pure and local.